This week ….

Hello Dear Readers,

This has been a week.  Full stop.

Again, today, the weather has been absolutely beautiful in this neck of the woods. Today, the ‘hood was alive with people who were walking and chatting and happy and enjoying what life had to offer.

And it affirmed that life is good and there is so much to enjoy and take in.

It didn’t always feel that way this week.  I guess you can say that this tiger was a little cranky as she was wakening up.  Things happened.  People did stuff.  She did stuff.  Obstacles presented themselves. There were rough waters to navigate. There was life to process – some of it very serious and some of it superficial.

And this tiger learned a bunch of lessons as she sorted out how to more deliberately create her life.

She learned more about when to “give in” because in the big scheme of life “it” didn’t really matter.  She learned to allow other people’s stuff to pass on right by her.  She learned the importance of focus on the task at hand.  Perfection isn’t always important.

It is important just to move your life along, little by little.  It is important for people to listen and talk and be real.  It is important to know that there is a lot she has absolutely no control over and a little she does have control over.  And what she does have control over is vitally important to the quality of her life.  And it is important to be gentle with herself and forgive herself and love herself.  And it is important for her to keep trying new things – to turn over that rock, or look behind that tree or peer over that hill.

It feels like this tiger has had a renewal of sorts as she awakens from her slumber. There seems to be a change in her energy and in the energy of the world.  She knows that she is stronger and more savvy about herself.  She knows that she can navigate life with more confidence.  When glitches and obstacle present themselves, she knows she can figure them out much more easily and quickly. And she is learning how to ask for help.  That’s a biggie.

This week has been a week.  Full stop.

And I hope, Dear Reader, you have had such a week, too.

Thanks for reading.

And So ….

Hello Dear Readers,

Isn’t it interesting how life evolves.  It is interesting, indeed.

I’ve gone through a bit of a hard time.  No different than all of you.

I felt a bit beaten up.  So … I retreated and licked my wounds and groused a bit and groused a bit more.  And then I decided I didn’t like that and went in search of what I did like.

And so I went out into the beautiful, warm sunshine and shopped my hood.  I bought some dried shiitake mushrooms here and some ramekins there.  I bought some new pyjamas for my travels.  And I felt the positive vibe of people on the street enjoying another beautiful warm day in November.  It seemed everyone was feeling good.  And I loved that.

And I decided that was what I wanted – to feel connected and to feel a shared joy of what life has to bring our way.

And I came home and I went through a wonderful cookbook on Greek Food.  So simple and yet so layered with flavour.  So down-to-earth and of the land and of the sea.

And I roasted some potatoes a la Jamie Kennedy.  And I grilled some lamb chops.  And I tidied up a bit.  And things seemed right with my world.

That is what awakening from a big sleep means to me.  That I start to truly understand that I am the author of my story.  No one person or many persons will write my story.  They have their own story to be concerned about.  And I want to be more deliberate about my story – the unfolding of my life’s tale.  And I don’t only just want to tell my story, I want to live it with joy.

And so, Dear Readers, this post is short.  And it says what I wanted to say.

Thank you for reading.