Hello world!

Dear Readers,

It is a joy and a privilege to start this blog.  It has been a long time coming – in that I have thought about it for a long time.  Action is what is now needed.  🙂

What I will do is share pieces of my awakening with you.  It is yours for the leaving or the taking.

It is a beautiful fall early evening in my part of the world.  I have a whole chicken and potatoes – all oiled up and salted and peppered and just starting to sizzle in the oven.  Don’t slightly smokey ovens give off a vibe of well-being?

Awakening is an interesting word and it changes its meaning for me as time and experiences march on through my life.

I am at a place where I am truly grateful for being in this world.  It is a wonderful place to be experiencing.  And so, this day, has me thinking about awakening in the here and now.  I am living in the moment and appreciating an unusual warm, sunny fall evening.  A whole chicken and earthy potatoes are roasting in said slightly smokey oven, getting ready to feed my body and nourish my soul.  And help me with meals as I head into the work week.  My windows are open and I can here the world quieting down to a Sunday evening.

I feel like I have been a sleeping tiger.  My senses have been dulled.  I have been relatively inactive.  I have ignored much of what it means to live – especially the beautiful parts of life.  I have a sense there is much that is important to experience or to bear witness to.  But it has been convenient and safe to slumber away and think I would live life … if only ….

I want to wake up and have many wonderful, spine tingling moments.  I want to be witness to many wonderful spine tingling happenings.

I had one of those recently that took me by surprise.  I was rushing home to watch the first payoff game for the 2015 Blue Jays baseball team.  I had enjoyed many games at the ball park or streaming on my computer since early spring training.  I was lucky enough to have a ticket for the second game of the series.  I was on the highway, listening to the opening ceremonies of this first post-season game.  I had goose bumples.  They played the National anthems.  First the American anthem – beautifully done.  And then it was time for the Canadian anthem.  And I was in my car singing along – like I did at the ball park.  And I started to cry.  It was an important, exciting moment and I was sharing a tiny part of it.  And the depth of my emotions took me by surprise.

That was an awakening.

Dear reader … please join with me as I share more of my awakenings.  Please feel free to share awakenings you have.  Perhaps many of us are like sleeping tigers.  Perhaps we have been slumbering more or less content, but knowing there is much more.  And maybe we want more of the tiger in us to wake up and roar.  Let’s hear it!  🙂